September 14.2015: SMB in Daytona, FL
The Steve Morse Band will be back at The Bank & Blues Club on Main St. in Daytona Beach on Saturday, September 26th. Hope to see you there!
July 01.2015: Prog Award Nominations
Flying Colors, and their new album, Second Nature, have been nominated for two Prog Awards: Band Of The Year and Album Of The Year.

Show your support and vote here.
April 29.2015: SMB in Daytona, FL
The Steve Morse Band will be appearing at The Bank & Blues Club on Main St. in Daytona Beach on Saturday, May 16th. Kevin Morse's band, New World Martyr, will be opening.
February 15.2015: SMB in Tallahassee, FL
Don't miss the rare opportunity to see the Steve Morse Band on Saturday Feb 28th at a super low price (Adv.$5/Door$7), at The Side Bar in Tallahassee, FL!
October 31.2014: Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp
Jam with Steve at Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp, January 15-18 at Foxwoods, CT.
August 12.2014: Flying Colors Tour Dates
Flying Colors tour dates are available now! Click here for more info.
January 12.2014: NAMM 2014 appearances for Steve
Ernie Ball/Musicman: playing live demos with Dave LaRue, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, schedule TBA. Engl amplifiers: signing, Thursday 1-2pm. TC electronics: signing, Friday 12-1pm.
November 17.2013: Join Steve on Rockline!
Join Steve LIVE on the legendary Rockline radio call-in program this Wednesday, answering YOUR questions about Live in Europe! And…anything you want to ask him about. Like ferrets. Call in and talk to Steve!
October 10.2013: Head-to-head: Joe Satriani and Steve Morse podcast
Listen to the podcast series where Joe Satriani and Steve answered fan questions with MusicRadar! [Part 1] [Part 2]
September 1.2013: Vintage Rock Interview
Check out the interview with Steve on!
August 22.2013: Live in Europe Trailer Online
"Live in Europe is all from one show that was at the end of our brief Flying Colors tour. It was very intense, and over so quickly..... this recording is a great reminder of how much fun we had." – Steve Morse
August 21.2013: Flying Colors' Live in Europe
Pre-orders have begun for Flying Colors' Blu-ray/DVD/2CD/3LP release, "Live in Europe", coming in October!

June 5.2013: Steve Morse Band US Tour
The Steve Morse Band will be opening for Joe Satriani in the US. Click here for the dates and locations!
May 15.2013: Official Steve Morse Band Store
Come and check out the new Steve Morse Band online store for CDs and T shirts, including a Limited Edition shirt from last year's G3 European tour!
May 03.2013: Steve Track-by-Track Guide
Check out Steve's track-by-track guide to the new Deep Purple album here.
April 26.2013: Deep Purple Release New Album!
Deep Purple has released it's 19th studio album. Produced by the legendary Bob Ezrin, it combines modern production with the classic Deep Purple feel. More information is available here.
December 20.2012: Holiday Message from Steve
Click here to read a holiday message from Steve.
October 14.2012: New Tour Blog Entry
A new update from South America.
October 3.2012: Venezuela Venue Change
The venue for the G3 Venezuela show has changed. The new venus is: Estacionamiento EL NACIONAL, 3era Transversal con Ave., Principal de Los Cortijos de Lourdes, Caracas.
August 30.2012: Flying Colors VIP Contest by Steinberg
Steinberg is running a Flying Colors VIP contest! Win a Meet & Greet with Steve and the band!
August 17.2012: VIP Packages - G3 South America
VIP Packages for Steve's upcoming G3 shows with Joe Satriani and John Petrucci in South America are available here now!
August 11.2012: New Tour Blog Entry
Check out the message from Steve regarding the G3 European tour.
August 10.2012: VIP Packages - Flying Colors Europe
VIP Packages for Flying Colors European shows are now available!
July 17.2012: Jon Lord
May 10.2012: VIP Meet & Greet Upgrade packages for European G3
VIP Meet & Greet Upgrade packages for EUROPEAN G3 shows are now available - Meet the three G's - JOE, STEVE VAI and STEVE MORSE!
May 5.2012: Flying Colors Tour Dates
Flying Colors tour dates are available here. "New World Martyr" (Steve's son's band) will open in Torrance, CA, "Jolly" will open in NYC and "Beardfish" will be the opening act for all EU dates.
May 1.2012: iGuitar Magazine Video Interview & Chance to Win Y2D Guitar
Issue 9 of iGuitar Magazine contains a great video interview (52 mins) with Steve. It covers his career, his influences and many styles, gear talk and more. Also... you can win a Steve Morse Musicman Y2D Guitar and TC Electronic pedal worth over £2000!
April 23.2012: G3 2012 South American Tour Dates
Yes, it's true! Steve is coming to South America with G3! Additional dates to be announced.
March 22.2012: Steve Joins G3 with Vai and Satriani: The Wait is Over!
G3 European tour dates available here. More coming soon!
Feb 05.2012: Canadian Guitar Clinics and "Meet & Greets"
Steve will be doing some Guitar Clinics and "Meet & Greets" across Canada this February. Click here for more details.
Jan 11.2012: Flying Colors
Check out Steve's message regarding Flying Colors.
Dec 20.2011: Holiday Message from Steve
Click here to read a holiday message from Steve.
Dec 12.2011: Steve Morse Band Tour Dates
Check out the Steve Morse Band West Coast tour dates!
November 22.2011: Steve's Interview with the Argentinean Magazine, EFECTO METAL
Steve's interview as well as a review of the Deep Purple show in Argentina can be found in the newest edition of the Argentinean Magazine, EFECTO METAL (in Spanish). The magazine can be purchased here.
November 9.2011: Steve to appear on Sharon Isbin's new release
Steve is featured on Sharon Isbin's new release, "Sharon Isbin & Friends: Guitar Passions". Click here to listen to a preview of Steve & Sharon performing "Adagio" by Rodrigo, arranged for three guitars.
November 8.2011 : Dregs tune featured in Blue Angels video
One of the Dregs' tunes, "Take it off the top", is used as a background music for a new Blue Angels video.
August 12 .2011: Lick of the Day
Today Guitar World sponsors a FREE lick for your learning pleasure! Steve shares an open-voiced arpeggio etude that combines string-skipping and alternate-picking techniques to outline a four-chord progression while moving down the neck. View the video here and then download the app and really dig in!
March 20.2011: Japan
A message from Steve about Japan.
February 27.2011: New Tour Blog Entry
An update from Mexico.
January 9.2011: NAMM 2011 Meet & Greet
Come and say hello to Steve who will be appearing at the Ernie Ball/Musicman booth and the ENGL booth.
January 3.2011: An unpublished 1978 interview with Jas Obrecht
Check out the great interview of Twiggs and Steve in 1978 with Jas Obrecht that was never published.